We all love it when we have visitors come to see us. Sometimes, those visitors are not welcome (No, I’m not talking about the In-Laws). Wildlife can take up residence without us even knowing it. And when they do, they don’t have very good manners. They use our buildings like it was a cat box, they chew on things and they can be active at times when we want sleep.

Patches Pest Plus LLC systematically surveys your structures outer walls looking for entry points. Drawing on years of construction experience we will install Patches Wildlife Control System and leave your home looking like new, without all the open doors critters use to move in. Patches Wildlife Control also comes with a one year, renewable warranty that affords property owners continued protection from these invasions. If rats, mice, squirrels, snakes, raccoons, opossums or bats return we’ll come back remove the wildlife and maintain the system at no additional charge!

In some cases, trapping is required to remove persistent pests that refuse to stay out or wreak havoc on our property. Patches Pest Plus LLC humanly captures these animals and removes them to a safe place they can live out their lives far from us.



The mess Wildlife leave behind can not only be dangerous mechanically but also pose health risks. Patches Pest Plus LLC has solutions for both. Patches Repair can fix the damage professionally and Patches Restore can sanitize the structure and replace what you need to get back your healthy home or workplace.

Patches Bird Control uses a full range of products to help keep birds from roosting. Feel free to contact us for a no obligation inspection and we’ll put a plan together to clean up their mess and keep them off your structure. Commercial or residential we can help! Schedule your no obligation inspection today!



If the endless squeeky chirps isn's enough, and the Hystoplasmosis thier droppings can spawn doesnt call you to evict these guys from your structure... take a closer look. See that little bug?

That is not a bedbug hanging out with the bats in this gable vent. That is a BATbug, It is kin to the bedbug. So just excluding the bats isn't the solution. Absent the bats, the batbug will then behave just like a bedbug... they can come after you.

Patches Pest Plus LLC can evict the bats, identify the presence of batbugs and treat accordingly.. Then sanatize the area. All with one call.