Stepping outside in the heat of summer here in the south, its obvious you've entered a different enviroment. So too is your crawlspace. It's dark, it's damp and it requires attention that differes from slab construction.

When the moisture that is naturally present in the ground evaporates, it needs somewhere to go. If it isn’t moved out from under your structure promptly and properly, the wood in your floor system will soak it up like a sponge. As wood absorbs moisture, it expands. This leads to a degradation of the structural and esthetic elements your home is built with.  At higher moisture levels, it can even breed Fungal growth. Wood decay fungus is common, and as its name suggests, it breaks the wood down as it spreads in your floor system causing sagging, bouncing, warping, discoloration and eventually collapse.


A crawlspace must breath. The vents around the foundation are designed to allow the damp air underneath to evacuate as its replaced by dyer air from the outside. Patches Pest Plus LLC has vents that react to the temperature and allow the air to flow when it needs. We also have services that clear these vents from debris, mulch and vegetation to keep your home breathing correctly. Adding decks and rooms to a structure and even old growth vegetation can have a negative effect on your air flow, schedule a no obligation inspection to find out how healthy your crawlspace could be.


In some cases, the ground moisture levels are elevated to the point that a barrier needs to be placed on the ground to defer moistures evaporation to the dryer seasons. Excessive moisture could require drains, sump pumps or even a complete encapsulation of the crawlspace to stop or control the environment under your structure from getting to damp.  Patches Pest Plus LLC has the expertise to know when these advanced services are required.