In all its forms (Solid, liquid and vapor) water is a key componant to controlling pests and protecting our customers investments in thier properties; commecial or residential. 

Water can cause building materials to expand, damaging both the estetics and integrity of the structure. Durring your no obligation inspection, Patches Pest Plus LLC will evaluate your property for potential moisture sources and issues and then propose services that can help control the cycle of moisture to reduce your risks. We will even propose repairs from existing damages to your property, making your remidy an easier one by offering a one vendor solution to your problems.


In damp crawl spaces, moisture issues can allow the spread of Fungi known to break down wood. Spores from the Fungi are all around us everyday, but become active on wood members when conditions are just right.

Wood Destroying Fungus comes in several forms, but moisture is the root of the problem. Once active, the fungi spreads to more areas of your crawlspace and the damages increase season by season. Unchecked, structural failure can occure and leave property owners with huge repair bills. Patches Pest Plus LLC specializes in these dark, damp crawlspaces and can offer solutions to help avoid structural damage before it becomes ctritical. We can also provide repair solutions to properties requiring repairs and install systems to avoid future growth.


Your landscaping plays a huge role in controling both pest and moisture around your property. As plants grow, they become hazards to your home by traping moisture and aiding in haborage by pests if not properly maintained, 

Landscapes not only provide ideal habitate for pests, but they also aid in granting entry by rodents and wildlife. Vines and bushes against your home can cause rot, water damage, mildew and sometimes can even damage the structure itself by growing into the foundation and walls. Patches Pest Plus LLC provides professional solutions to landscape issues including french drains, pruning, vegitation removal or relocation, retaining walls and elivation corrections to control moisture.